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Michael Douglas recovering from throat cancer: Plans to have another baby

Sunday, 24 Oct 2010

Michael Douglas has now finished his eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy treatment for stage 4 throat cancer and it seems unlikely that he will have to undergo any more.

Douglas’ face shows the toll of the throat caner and his difficult schedule of treatment. Douglas is unlikely to face further treatment based on his current progress.

Doctors are “cautiously optimistic” about Michael’s recovery and he recently admitted he has an “80 per cent” chance of survival.

“Michael is totally focused on his recovery,” said Douglas’ publicist Allen Burry earlier this week.

It was only three weeks ago that his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones ended a trip to Britain and announced she was pulling out of a film in order to look after the star.

In an interview with David Letterman, Michael Douglas admitted that it was years of alcohol abuse and smoking that likely led to his stage-4 thoat cancer. He said that the doctors were optimistic about his recovery and he chose to believe them.

Douglas said: “I’ve got cancer. I found out about three weeks ago. It’s throat cancer. “I smoked cigarettes and I drank and this particular type of cancer is caused by alcohol drinking.”

Douglas, 66 years old, stated that he and his wife Katherine Zita Jones wish to have another baby.

Douglas. who has a young son and daughter with Zeta-Jones – chose to have his sperm frozen in case his fertility was damaged by the radiation sessions.michael-douglas-throat-cancer-new-baby

Reader's Comments

  1. Two children is enough…why freeze your sperm? do you think it is so special that it will make a difference? please…Katherine is now at an age where Down Syndrome is a real possibility…why not let nature takes its course? Mr. Douglas will or will not survive this cancer. His wife has her hands full with two kids. MD’s older kid is in jail for drug dealing and using……hello! Enjoy every single day and let nature take its course….death is never the end, but another beginning. We have enough people on the planet right now. Please, respect for it. No more kids…..

  2. @ alumette I am speechless what gives you the right to make such judgements are you their cleaner? 😉 Lol you sound a real weirdo why don’t you go get a life yourself.

  3. what a mean comment!

  4. I think Mr. Douglas is absolutely entitled to do what he feels is best for him and for his family.

    On another note, who proof reads your copy before it goes to print? Seriously? Caner = cancer and Katherine Zita = Catherine Zeta. I would highlight other glaring grammatical errors but I’d to take up too much space in the comments field!!!

  5. I think Micheal Douglas is very brave. About the time he was diagnoused so was i. This is the roughest journey i have ever been on. Mine is also from cigarettes. I will never pick up a cigarette again in my life for this is almost to much for a person to bare. Good luck Micheal my the lord be with you for i know he is with me on mine to get well.

  6. @ alumette. you are correct in some way but it has nothing to do with having too many people in the planet. MD is getting old and having another kid would live the chance to have a kid without a dad, which in Holywood is very common. But who gives a crap anyway if MD or any stars r having babies… The more we give a crap, the more they’ll make babies… People of planet earth.. take care of yourselves…oh !! btw … FUCK YOU ALL

  7. This is for Alumette…

    What gives you the right to judge? Michael Douglas has every right to choose the number of children he has with his wife.
    First, I am a widow. I never had the chance to have a child with my husband. I do not have a part of him to watch grow up and be an ongoing part of what we did together.
    Second, I am a survivor of the same cancer that Mr. Douglas has. Until you have walked in these shoes you have no idea what hell it takes to fight this disease. The permanent side effects of the treatment are overwhelming.
    Unfortunately he has had to fight this fight publicly. I hope he makes it. I am 14 months out of treatment and know I am changed forever. I hope he has the chance to say the same thing next year.

  8. Michael

    May the Lord be with you and your family at this difficult time. Continue to have a positive outlook
    and live life to the fullest.


  9. Alumette’s point of view is as valid as all of ours, so the attack is unnecessary.
    However, I am a believer that we all should do what’s best for our family circumstances, regardless of what anyone else thinks or believes.
    That said, I would never do what they intend to do – he messed with nature once (smoking and drinking to excess) which resulted in an agressive cancer. I would see a NATURAL arrival of another pregnancy a blessing that was meant to be.

  10. A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and he went through radiation and chemotherapy and has been in remission for over 5 years now. It was heart-breaking watching him go through the treatments and if you ever see someone you love go through that, it is something you will never forget. It gets worse before it gets better. Stay strong Michael Douglas, and everyone else who may be going through this.

  11. I wish Michael and his wife many, many comforts and blessings~peace…healings. If they want to have another child together , may God bless the child. Michael, I pray that God gives you healing and that you survive through all this. God bless you and your family.

  12. First I hope the treatment works perfect so Michael will take the time to recovery and keep on with his love ones. The best weapon is to have faith, this I said it for myself. I got in remission from leukemia when all look scary at that moment. I cheer you up so your love ones!!!Jesus listens!!!Bless you!

  13. I absolutely ADORE Michael Douglas and the more little Michael Douglas’s running around the merrier in my opinion.. 🙂
    Anyway– I speak from a totally love struck point of view– what a gorgeous man and how absolutely fortunate Ms. Zeta Jones is to have him… ah, alas, perhaps in another life time I might get a shot!

    Get well Michael! You’re the best!

  14. I pray all who know Michael’s cinema gifts will also gift him with every power/prayer to fully recover his
    health our blessing also.

  15. I agree in general with Alumette’s comments and though we do not have the right to dictate to another man what he can and cannot do, we do not have the right to act irresposibly, no matter who we are. Freezing sperm to artificially impregnate CZJ because they want to have another child that he may very well not be around to be responsible to is not only irresponsible, it’s pathetic.

  16. People keep saying that Michael Douglas is brave for fighting his cancer. What do they mean exactly by that? Isn’t he doing exactly what most people do? Isn’t he following his doctor’s orders? Which is braver: following the dictates of the cancer industry or taking an alternative route?

    There are a lot of natural cancer treatments that work better than the poison and burn technigues of chemo and radiation. This is not to say that people who use them don’t often survive too but I strongly believe that if you can survive the treatments then you could have survived the cancer with a natural treatment but there is no money to be made by the medical industry or big pharma on such methods.

    Stop smoking, stop eating processed foods and an over abundance of animal foods and fat and load up on vegetables and fruit and the great majority of us wouldn’t get cancer in the first place. Oh but doing that is radical. What do you call surgery, chemo and radiation? Aren’t they radical?

    Books to read: Eat To Live, The China Study, The food Revolution, Cancer, Step Outside the Box

  17. Michael Douglas is a wonderful person, actor, and family man, and I have him in my thoughts and prayers that he will beat this cancer. His wife and children are a great support, and this is an added bonus for him to get better. God bless!!

  18. I am living proof that alternative methods DO work also, as Steve S spoke of. I am a survivor of stage 4b Uterine Cancer (without chemo/radiation, prognosis for survival time is said to be 4 months). I use a Cancer formula from Canada and an 80% raw vegan diet (I do not consume meat, foul, or fish or dairy). Stage 4b is “the end stage”, and I did not think poisoning my body and destroying my immune system was the answer for me.

    I hope Michael Douglas will adopt a raw food diet to boost his chances of survival … alas, when cancer returns following chemo/radiation, the cells are mutated and stronger than before treatments .. he needs to do all he can to heal his body and I wish he and his wife and their family the very best!!

  19. Dr. Mr. Douglas,
    My prayers are for you to recover. My husband had squamous cell carcinoma, stage 4 11 years ago and is a survivor. We have a very personal understanding of what you are going through although, it is different for everyone. My husband also carries a water bottle with him all the time and up till 2 years ago was doing fabulously.

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